Pallidrome Cinema

Railway Road c1930
Looking Southeast along Railway Street/Road. c1920 | fullsize
Distant spire: Christ Church, Bowling Green.

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  • 1891: Telephonic communication between Strabane and Derry is established (reference Derry Almanac 1892 - fact supplied by Mr Curlyhill)
  • 1913: Cooper family or Burroughs establish  the Pallidrome cinema on the Railway Road. (See quote from Mr Curlyhill below)
  • 1932: Pagoda replaces Abercorn Memorial.
  • 1935: Cooper family open the Commodore Cinema on Main Street 
  • 1930s: HR Cooper (the famous local photographer) and Quentin Lawson convert the old Railway Road cinema into a shirt factory.The factory only runs for a short while.
  • 1940s: Pallidrome building is given a new front by the famous cinema architect John McBride Neil

Quote: Mr Curlyhill
Cooper opened the Pallidrome Cinema the year he took over Burroughs' business in 1913.  I am fairly certain that Burroughs may have been setting up the Pallidrome shortly before Cooper took over the business.
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