Getting Involved

The OldStrabaneBlog is asking residents of all ages to share their history and help create the most complete on-line record of the town. We hope to inspire local people to share in their common heritage, explore how their streets, cultures and lives have changed, learn from each other and develop lasting positive relationships.

You don't have to be a history buff to help the Old Strabane Blog. There are many different ways you can contribute, even if history isn't your thing.

Most of the images and maps we find are in a sorry looking state. Often they're torn, covered in dirt and scratches, faded and stained. This means a lot of our time is spent on image restoration. We would be grateful for any help in this area. The original unrestored images of Strabane can be found in the Blog Raw folder.

To fill in the map we need to chronicle more photographs and postcards. We're not too worried about condition. If the images are damaged then we can apply restoration techniques, provided the photos are scanned at a higher resolution. We make no claim of copyright on any uploaded material. All images legally owned by you remains yours.

Of course, we're not going to get very far without the history buffs. Through your comments to the blog we hope to nail down the dates of images, collect important facts, and share fun stories on featured locations. And most importantly of all - please point out any erroneousness statements on the Blog. Comments can be posted on virtually every page of the Blog, the Photo Galleries, and on the Data Archive.