Strabane Map c1850 for Google Earth

The Griffiths Valuation is perhaps the most important surviving genealogical data source on 19th century Ireland. Published between 1847 and 1864 and comprised of more than 300 volumes, it was the first full-scale valuation of all rateable property in Ireland.

Here is the download link to a section of the Griffiths Valuation map for Strabane circa 1850.

To use: open the file inside Google Earth.

A word of caution: This map was resized to fit Google Earth as closely as possible and should not be expected to give measurements to any dependable degree of accuracy.
  • 1846: School for deaf and dumb children opens.
  • 1847: Railway station established.
  • 1856: Fire kills 6 children at the Deaf and Dumb Institution
  • 1863 - 17 Sept: First train from Strabane to Stranorlar, Finn Valley Railway.
  • 1865: Gourlie & Son Shirt factory established, Derry Road (NOT shown on map)
I don't know the exact date of the map, only that it was created at the same time as the Griffith's Valuation. However, because the Railway Station and the Deaf and Dumb School are featured, the map could be placed sometime between 1847 and 1856.

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