Abercorn Factory: Derry Road c1911

Gallagher Egan Abercorn Factory
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Gourlie & Sons Shirtmaking Factory on the Derry Road opened in 1865. The site included a number of homes at the back of the factory known as Factory Row.

Gourleville Terrace, an additional group of houses to the rear of the factory (behind Factory Row), were named after William Gourlie & Son. In 1911 the new factory owner Paul Gallagher, lived at 3 Gourleville Terrace. An error in the 1911 census lists his address as Gourl(a)ville Terrace.

Timeline: Strabane Shirt Factories
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1848 Barrack Street factory established: owner James Kennedy
1865 Church Street factory established: owner Thomas Craig
1865 Derry Road factory established: owner William Gourlie & Son
1870 Barrack Street factory : steam power upgrade
1870s 6x factories in operation in Strabane
1874 Newton Road factory established: owner John Arthur
1875 Derry Road factory: new owners Masson, Kennedy & Co
1880 Derry Road factory: new owners Messrs & Pritchard
1882 Derry Road factory: new owners Stewart & McDonald
1888 Barrack Street factory: new owners Stapley & Smith

1901 Derry Road factory: new owners Stewart & Keady
1901 Barrack Street: James Kennedy dies
1911 Derry Road factory: new owners Gallagher and Egan
1930 Pallidrome Factory established: Cooper & Lawson
1937 Mourne Manufacturing Company established: Railway Street
Download full timeline: shirt-factories.csv

Cropped letter-head of Stewart & McDonald - owners of the Abercorn Factory 1882-1901: addressed from the Glasgow factory at 146 Argyle Street dated 1901.

Cropped letter-head Stewart & McDonald: addressed from the factory at 5 Buchanan Street, dated 1901

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