Strabane Railway Station

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  • 1847: Railway station established.
  • 1909: 01 Jan: Rail link from Strabane to Letterkenny opens.
    Shown as a dotted line on 1906 Viceregal Commission Map
  • 1960: 01 Jan: Strabane Station closed.
Strabane was the largest rail junction in Ireland during the first half of 20th century. It became part of the 'Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway' in 1847. The terminus in Enniskillen was reached in 1854.

Strabane catered for 4 different railway companies: [see BBC]
Evidence of the old track lines can still be seen on Google Earth's satellite imagery.

1905 Ordnance Survey overlaid on Navteq Satellite Imagery 2007

The ColourRail website has a large collection of slides of Strabane railway dating from the 1950s.

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