Convent of Mercy and Mount Kennedy

Sisters Of Mercy Convent Strabane
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Spires left to right:
o First Presbyterian 1872 - just on left edge of the postcard
o Church of the Immaculate Conception 1895
o Christ Church 1879 - in the far distance behind Mount Kennedy.
o Convent Chapel 1881
o Convent 1868

The small building near the middle of the photograph was called Mount Kennedy. It was the home of Mr James Kennedy; shirt manufacturer and a founder of the Convent of Mercy 1868. After Mr Kennedy's death 1901 the Sisters Of Mercy purchased the building and renamed it St. Anne's. In 1928 St Anne's became the nucleus of the original Convent Grammar School, until a new building was opened in the Curley Hill in 1968.

Convent of Mercy founders:
  • John Carlin, James Kennedy, Francis O Neill
  • Mother Catherine Atkinson (Sisters of Mercy, Navan)

Convent Timeline 1868-2009

Map 1905 Ordnance Survey: Convent and Church of the Immaculate Conception

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