Town Hall circa 1950

Town Hall c1950
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  • 1752: Market House opens
  • 1904: Expensive controversial renovations are complete.
  • 1972: Feb - Fire damages hall. [Boca Raton News - Feb 24, 1972]
  • 1972: Oct - 50 lb bomb destroys hall. [The Hour - Oct 10, 1972 - page 2]
    Although no one was injured in the destruction, many of town's historical records were lost forever.
As the 1904 controversy faded from memory, the building was eventually looked upon with affection by most Strabane residents. The loss of the hall in 1972 was mourned by people from all sections of the community.

On a positive note:- The hall was the hub to a network of narrow streets. The destruction in 1972 enabled the town centre to open up. By 1985 an area consisting of Townhall Street, Market Street, and Butcher Street was demolished. A new shopping centre and car park was built on the site.

Strabane hybrid map 1905-2010
1905 ordnance map superimposed on 2010 Google Maps.
(Google Map POI icons are inaccurate.)

Newspaper Article:
NY Times, August 11 1912
Town hall clock used for target practice.

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