Kennedy's Fire Escape

Town Hall Kennedy's Patent Fire Escape
Strabane Market House ( Town Hall pre-1904). Looking NW along Main Street | fullsize

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  • 1752: Town Hall (aka Market House) opens
  • 1904: Major renovations to the hall are complete.

1893: James Kennedy (beard and top hat) at Mount Kennedy.
For more information on Kennedy's Escape see the "Related Documents" section below.

The images in the slideshow were taken from a sales brochure published in 1893 (date supplied by Mr Curlyhill). They show a public demonstration of 'Kennedy's Patent Fire Escape' at Mount Kennedy, near the Convent of Mercy.  After Mr Kennedy's death in 1901, the Mount Kennedy building was sold to the Convent of Mercy. It was renamed Saint Anne's. In 1928 the building became part of the Convent Grammar School.

Newspaper Article
Derry Journal, Friday, May 2, 1884

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