Gasworks near Park Road 1939

Looking East from Park Street (now Park Road) | fullsize
Sitting: John Magee, Paddy Rooney (manager), Charlie McBride
Standing: Johnny Gallagher, Jack Logue, James Ryan

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  • 1902: Gasworks between Park Street (now Park Road) and the Canal opens.
    (By The Banks of The Mourne p113)
  • 1936: Strabane connects to the electricity supply
  • 1986 Aug 9: Gasworks closes. Manager Seamus McDevitt.
    (By The Banks of The Mourne p128)

1905 Ordnance Survey Map

Based on a quotes from Mr Curlyhill and Mr Anonymous:
The older Gasworks, shown 400 meters south of this location on the 1905 map, was converted to a Chemical Works. What the Chemical Works produced is unknown, however iron and magnesium sulphate found in this area may indicate that it produced fertilizer or vinegar.
Newpaper Article:
The Strabane Post. Nov 2010 page 18

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