Ulster Bank, Abercorn Square c1907

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Postcard published by E.R. Gray and Sons (divided back in red ink, unused)

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  • c1861: Ulster Bank on Abercorn Square opens.
    Architect: Thomas Jackson
    Contractor Matthew McClelland
  • 1876: Memorial to Major Humphreys is erected in Abercorn Square
Other identified buildings:
  • Mahaffy & Co - General Grocer and Hardware Business
    1901 Census: 7 Abercorn Square
    1911 Census: 5 Abercorn Square
    Proprietor: William Edward Mahaffy
  • Temperance Hotel
    1901 Census: 6 Abercorn Square

    1911 Census: 4 Abercorn Square
    Proprietor: Isaac Pollock

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