Map: Strabane Tenements 1854

Map: Strabane Town Parks and Tenements 1854 (photocopy by Mr Curly Hill)

Here is the download link to the Tenements section of the 1854 Map of Strabane. Since the Town Parks sections were drawn to a different scale they should be ignored in Google Earth.

Please note:
The panels of the map, from which this KMZ file was created, were very kindly loaned to the OldStrabaneBlog by Mr Curly Hill. That document was a hand-coloured photocopy of an original map. Futhermore, the paper on which that copy was printed, was wrinkled, and water-damaged.

Perch Distances:
  • Irish Perch 7 yards
  • Cunningham Perch 6.24 yards
  • Woodland Perch 6 yards
  • Statute Perch 5.5 yards

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