Meetinghouse Street: John Dunlap 1747

Dunlap Broadside
Declaration of Independence (Dunlap's Broadside)

John Dunlap was born at Meetinghouse Street c1746. There are no images of Meetinghouse Street from that era, so you'll have to make do with the document for which he is best remembered - The Declaration of Independence 1776.
John's other great publishing feat was the Pennsylvania Packet and Daily Advertiser - the first daily newspaper.

In 1965 a plaque was erected in Meetinghouse Street to commemorate the site of his birth (1746).
  • At the age of 10 John Dunlap emigrated from Strabane to live with his uncle William Dunlap. Not only was William one of the leading printers in Philadelphia at that period, but his aunt Deborah (William's wife) was a niece of Deborah Read Rogers Franklin (Benjamin Franklin's wife).

    On a related note: the son of Strabaneman and Presbyterian minister the Rev. William Holmes, married a sister of Benjamin Franklin.
  • Dunlap did not serve his apprenticeship at Gray's printery.

Newspaper Article
Reading Eagle, 10 November 1965: Plaque Inveiled

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